Re-entering the workforce after being a stay-at-home parent is an exciting yet daunting time. Uncertainty about career choice, combined with being ‘out of touch’ with workplace practices is a challenging place to be. Common obstacles include:

“Interviews terrify me”

“I’ve been a stay-at-home Mum for 7 years, I’ve lost my skills”

“It’s overwhelming to know the best way to present my resume – it’s so out of date and I’ve got huge employment gaps”

“Part-time/flexible jobs are so hard to find”

“I’ve applied for over 20 jobs, and haven’t heard back”…..

Negotiating a busy home life with the world of work is never easy, but it can be incredibly fulfilling. After having three children of her own, Raelene understands the challenges that are presented with juggling the world of work with children. Her own trials (aka failed attempts!) were a huge learning curve – so much so that she was inspired to support fellow parents with navigating their way back to work. It’s not impossible, and it can even be fun.

Ultimately, it’s all about enabling you to SHINE both in the world of work, and at home.

Through either the group workshops, or individual consultations, Raelene will help you recognize your own unique gifts, abilities and dreams. Only “you” can make your career happen, but knowing the steps to take and how to direct your way through the current job market are fundamental to your success.

Overcome obstacles, reconnect with things that you’re passionate about, tap into your internal and external resources and build confidence so that you are ready to re-engage back into the workforce.

Consultations can be tailored to meet your unique needs, including:

  • Work-life balance: Create a clear vision of what you want your life to look like, and understand what balance means for you. Put the parameters in place to manage your work, social and personal life.
  • Career Exploration: Creatively explore new opportunities and consider realistic and achievable career pathways that align with your family life needs.
  • Work Search Techniques: Accessing the ‘hidden job market’
  • Networking know-how: Build effective relationships with key employers – even when you’ve ‘lost all your contacts’
  • Informational Interviewing: Enabling direct access to people in the know
  • On-line Profiling: How to build and use Linked-In to maximize your reach
  • Resume Preparation: Contemporary practices
  • Cover Letters: What to include and how to write them
  • Employability Skills: Essential information for all job seekers
  • Job Application Processes: Navigating through e-recruitment
  • Interview Skills: How to be a STAR, preparing and practicing
  • Internal Dialogue: Effective ways to boost self confidence
  • External Image: How to make a lasting first impression
  • Goal Setting the SMART way

And much more!: Updating skills, making decisions, job ready checklist……

For a confidential, no obligation chat – contact Raelene.

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