Do you feel as if you’re in a ‘career rut’? Not sure where your career is heading? Being overlooked for promotions? Feeling disillusioned about why you’re doing what you’re doing? Getting to interviews, but not securing the job? Know you want to change, but are overwhelmed to start?

The good news is confidential and professional support is available.

One-to-one career counselling is available for individuals seeking personalised support. These one hour consultations are personally tailored to meet your unique career needs.

Your sessions can support you to:


  • Unearth your individual interests, values and working style
  • Identify your unique strengths
  • Recognise and communicate transferable skills
  • Clarify career direction for career longevity
  • Career and lifestyle planning for a balanced life
  • Build networks and authentic relationships
  • Build a social media presence that gets noticed
  • Resume and cover letter creation to secure interviews
  • Responding to Key Selection Criteria
  • Interview practice and coaching
  • Negotiating offers
  • Onboarding: Preparing for the first 90 day of employment


  • Consider how your career goals help or hinder your health and happiness.
  • Re-energise your career-life through implementing achievable positive change both at work and home.
  • Identify core values that drive decisions and map out career strategies aligned with professional and personal aspirations.
  • Identify if you are playing to your strengths, and take proactive steps to align your career path.


  • Recognise both career opportunity and longevity through increasing your performance.
  • Become a more creative and mindful leader.
  • Effective self management strategies

For a confidential, no obligation chat – contact Raelene.

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