freeimage-5746628FINDING YOUR KEY TO MOTIVATION Have you been thinking
about returning to work for quite some time, but the weeks, months (sometimes even years), keep ticking over, and you just haven’t ‘gotten around to it’.  The prospect of looking, applying, securing and commencing paid work can all be put in the ‘too hard basket’.

Many Mum’s I speak to express their desire to work, and even set themselves goals with timelines for returning to work: “I’m going back to work when Isabella starts Prep”… but thinking about it, or perusing through ‘Seek’ is as far as they get.

The truth is, whilst goal setting is a great idea, (and in fact a necessary idea!) – if your motivation for that goal is not aligned, then it probably won’t eventuate.  Motivation is the driving force that gives individuals the energy and resilience to consistently and relentlessly moves towards achieving their target, no matter what obstacles are in place. We’ve all heard the saying “ where there’s a will, there’s a way” – motivation is the key!

Identifying your motivator

If you’re not sure where your motivation lies, then visualisation is a great tool. Try this exercise to find it:

Imagine yourself 12 months down the track still ‘thinking’ about returning to work. How do you feel? (Disappointed, depressed, frustrated, angry, exasperated, unfulfilled?)

Great! Negative emotions associated with ‘not’ achieving goals are super powerful. In other words, not achieving a goal can be motivating enough to achieve it. Harness those emotions and use them to propel you towards your goal.

Imagine yourself  in 12 months time again, but now you’re  back out there in the workforce. How do you feel? (Exhilarated, exhausted, excited, daunted?)

Which ever thoughts or emotions came up for you in this instance, they will ultimately be guiding you towards or away from your goal. That is, they will either be motivating or demotivating you.

Those negative emotions are really telling you something – either you don’t want that goal or you’ve got to sort out some underlying issues! Your motivation is not properly aligned, and it’s going to be one big slog to make that goal a reality.

If positive emotions came up, then awesome! Break down that big goal into small and manageable steps, and start walking!  Even if it seems some distance away, as long as each step is in the right direction, you will ‘certainly’ get there in the end.



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