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WIRE Women’s Information 372 Spencer St, West Melbourne

Qualified Career Development Practitioner and LinkedIn specialist Raelene Campbell will run three FREE interactive workshops at WIRE Women’s Information, for women who are seeking work and/or building their careers. Raelene is from Career: Take 2. These three workshops are kindly sponsored by Victoria Golf Club.


for work

FRI 24 JULY 10am–12pm

Do you know that 80% of jobs are not advertised?

Learn where and how to search for work in this workshop. You’ll

  • Understand varying job search methods
  • Review your online search strategy
  • Consider the role recruiting firms play—how they can help/hinder
  • Get ‘networking know-how’: – Discover 7 essential steps to networking – Learn how to build your community
    – Avoid the top 5 networking mistakes



Exploring your career 

THUR 27 AUGUST 12pm–2pm

Take your first steps to develop your personalised Career Plan!

Learn about the Career Management Process; you’ll

  • Understand the key steps involved in Career Transition
  • Define your preferred work-life needs including values, priorities, constraints and wants
  • Review your Employability Skills, considering both competence and enjoyment
  • Set Career Goals to being your successful transition back to work



LinkedIn workshop

FRI 30 OCTOBER 10am–12pm



New to LinkedIn or a tentative/inactive user? Enhance your professional profile on LinkedIn!

Dramatically improve your social networking skills and learn:

  • The role LinkedIn plays in Career Management and Transition
  • How to complete your profile for your purpose
  • How to actively use LinkedIn for research and career management
  • How to optimise your profile in search engines
  • The correct etiquette to use


For bookings or enquiries call (03) 9348 9416 (Option 2) or email inforequests@wire.org.au

Women’s Support Line 1300 134 130 www.wire.org.au Women’s Information and Referral Exchange Inc. ABN. 98 957 157 895 Reg. No. A122


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